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Kristen Chandler

B+You was founded by Kristen Chandler in Granbury, TX. Kristen created B+You when a need for common heath+beauty+wellness needs outside the spectrum of traditional medical treatment did not seem to exist.
She is an advocate for finding health+beauty+wellness solutions beyond the traditional business models that currently exist. She is committed to continuing to innovate new and affordable health+beauty+wellness services that intertwine the goal of individuals taking control of their own health without unnecessary medical treatments to meet their everyday health+beauty+wellness needs. Kristen believed that there was a market need for individual education of natural+holistic solutions with the combination of providing services to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their individual health+beauty+wellness journey. B+You Now was founded on her vision to create this opportunity for her community to have accessibility to this unique health+beauty+wellness experience.


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